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Serving With Integrity

As a not-for-profit credit union, owned and governed by our members, we’re committed to doing the right thing. For us, that starts with providing authentic care and support to our team members as whole people, extending to our members and the communities we serve. Our focus will always be on our people, our purpose and our planet.


  • People

    To provide members with award-winning service, it’s important we do the same for our employees. We seek out and embrace the talents and unique qualities that each team member contributes to move our mission of member service forward.

  • Purpose

    Improving our members' financial health and overall well-being is our top priority. Our military families and the communities we serve are stronger when they have what they need to thrive.

  • Planet

    How we care for this world is important, which is why we see adopting sustainable business practices and empowering our team members to make greener choices as essential to our work.


Our Team Members

The care we have for our team is reflected on our diverse and inclusive campuses. In turn, our team members are able to provide world-class service to our members. Because when our members thrive, we thrive. That’s why we stand behind our whole-person approach—focusing on the individual’s passion, abilities and growth—by offering a rewarding career including:

  • Competitive pay and benefits
  • Professional and personal development
  • Impactful guidance during life-changing events

Hiring From Within the Military Community

We understand the challenges veterans, transitioning servicemembers and military spouses face when finding meaningful work. It's why we’ve prioritized connecting the military community with rewarding career opportunities here at Navy Federal and by partnering with military organizations.


Branch manager Nicole deeply understands the challenges and uncertainty of being a military spouse. Frequent relocations made it difficult to find stable employment, but she knew Navy Federal was a place she could have a rewarding career and find a sense of home. Hear her story.

Video Transcript for Moments In The Mission - Nicole


A woman walks into a lobby. A wireframe globe logo for Navy Federal Credit Union. Moments in the Mission.



NICOLE: Being a military spouse, you know, for almost 10 years, it's a unique lifestyle. It's ever-changing. There's no certainties. Navy



Text, Nicole, branch manager.



Federal sees the talent in people. And they foster it.





A picture of her with her uniformed husband and kids in front of a display of badges and pins. Servicemen chat with her at the branch.



have made sure I had a job and I knew I had a place to come back to. And when I called and I told them, I said, hey, we're getting orders back to Campbell, that was what the regional manager said. "Welcome home."



Text, Navy Federal Credit Union. Army. Marine Corps. Navy. Air Force. Space Force. Coast Guard. Veterans. Insured by NCUA. Military imagery used for representational purposes only. Does not imply government endorsement. Our members are the mission.


of all employees are veterans

of all new hires in the past year were veterans

of all new hires in the past year were military spouses or family

What Our Members Are Saying

"Navy Federal Credit Union is always there when I need them most. As a Veteran, it’s a blessing & nice to know there’s a financial institution who truly honors you and respects your service & sacrifice to this country. The reps are always kind, professional & helpful. I love NFCU! Thank you for your service to me."


A Member-Focused Mission

Our members are at the heart of everything we do. We're here for more than their financial needs—we’re here for their overall success.  To be there when and where they need us is why many of our branches are on or near military installations, and why we're available 24/7 to answer their calls.

Not only do we provide financial education resources, products and services designed for every life stage, but we're there for our communities to help improve outcomes for everyone.

Helping Our Members Earn and Save More

Our members could earn and save $473 per year just by banking with us. And, we invest back into our members in the form of great rates and low fees. It’s how, in total, our members could earn and save $3.8 billion per year.1

Fostering Financial Wellness

From expert advice to budget calculators, our financial wellness program MakingCents gives you the tools and resources that can help you stay on top of your finances and achieve your financial goals.

Supporting Our Communities

We’re intentional in how we show up for others. Through our Navy Federal Serves program, we’re working to strengthen the financial and overall well-being of communities, and help build vibrant, sustainable futures.

A Story of Passion in Service

Video Transcript for Moments in the Mission: Mamie





A woman smiles as she walks through an office lobby.



JAMANI: Hello. My name is Jamani. I work at Navy Federal Credit Union. I am a Member Service Representative. I've been with the company since 2019.



Text, Navy Federal Credit Union. Moments in the Mission. Jamani. Member Service Rep.



I actually banked at Navy Federal before I worked at Navy Federal. I just was blown away by the service I received. And I was like, are you guys currently hiring right now? I work at another financial institution. And oh my goodness, I probably started two weeks after the whole process.



Jamani smiles and clinks beverage glasses with coworkers in a bowling alley cafe at a table with food.



I am very close with my coworkers. It is a family environment. Everyone makes you feel welcome since day 1. What I look forward to the most when I come in to work is making sure that I educate my members on all of their financial needs and to make sure they leave happy and that I did my job, and leave them with a smile.



She smiles and waves goodbye to a departing member from her counter.



So I had a newly enlisted sailor that came in. He was about 19 years old. He was really quiet, so I immediately see my brother, because my brother is in the Navy. And he told me he had just transitioned to Virginia, first time away from his twin brother.


And I was like, oh my goodness. That's amazing. You know, I really appreciate you being able to stand up for your country. Thank you so much for your service. What brings you in? Like, how did you hear about Navy Federal?


And he told me that his buddies that drove him here was telling him that he should get an account here. So immediately, I went into products and services. I say, you're active duty. You can get an Active Duty Checking Account. You'll get your payroll early. He's lighting up just now because he's comfortable.


So then I said, your brother is eligible for membership as well because it's military and their families. He FaceTimes his twin brother, and now I'm just all red because I'm like, oh my god, hello, to the twin. And he's like, you can open an account. You can do it right online. He's just so excited. And I'm just so-- just happy that I made a difference in his life at that time.


I give it my all with anything that I do. I enjoy challenges each and every day because that makes your day unique. As long as that challenge ends with a smile, I am OK. I smile every day when I come into work, and I smile every day when I leave from work. It's contagious.





Logo, Navy Federal Credit Union. Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, Coast Guard, Veterans. Equal Housing Lender. Text, Our Members are the Mission. navy Insured by NCUA.


Member service representative Jamani’s passion shines through in every interaction—whether with her team or a member. When a young, active duty servicemember came into the branch to set up an account, she felt an immediate connection to him. Hear how Jamani’s personal military connection helped her provide meaningful service to him.


A Sustainable Workplace

We work to reduce our environmental footprint on an enterprise level, while also empowering and educating our team members to make greener choices through our Greening Up! Program. We're also proud to have earned the LEED® certification distinction for 8 buildings across our campuses.

We focus on protecting our planet by:

  • Eliminating Styrofoam in our branches and offices
  • Using less energy
  • Installing solar panels at our Winchester, VA campus and West Coast Hub
  • Offering electric car-charging stations at our campuses
  • Recycling and composting
  • Adopting sustainable construction practices
  • Providing educational resources to our team members on ways to recycle

Greening Up Local Communities

A few of our team members at our Vienna, VA and Pensacola, FL campuses kicked off spring by cleaning up parks in their local communities. Learn more about the local organizations they partnered with and the impact of their efforts.

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Dollar value shown represents the results of the 2022 Navy Federal Member Giveback Study. The Member Giveback Study takes into consideration internal market analyses comparing Navy Federal products with industry national averages, as well as member discounts, incentives, and other savings.