Create a Strong, Unique Username

Now you can create a unique username to sign in to digital banking. You’ll still use your Access Number to identify yourself over the phone and in the branch, but by creating a username, you’ll enjoy a quick and safe way to access your account information.


  1. Sign in to the mobile app and select Profile & Settings.
  2. Select Username from the menu.
  3. Once you’ve created a username, select Submit to continue.
Screen image of Username on NFCU Mobile App.


  1. Sign in to online banking and select Settings.
  2. Select Profile, then Create a Username.
  3. Once you create a username, select Save.
Screen image of Username on NFCU Online Banking site.

Access Number

You’ll still need your Access Number to identify yourself for transactions in a branch and on the phone. Your Access Number is always available to you online or through your mobile app.

  • Mobile: Select Profile & Settings to view your Access Number.
  • Online: Select Settings, then Profile to view your Access Number.
Image of Navy Federal settings and profile screens, showing access number location.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If I set a Username, can I still use Remember Me on the mobile app?

    Yes. The Remember Me function will work with a Username.

  2. Can I change my Username?

    Yes. You can change your Username anytime through the mobile app or online.

    • Online: Update your Username by clicking on your name in the white bar at the top of the page. Click "Settings." Under the Profile tab, click "Edit Username."
    • Mobile: Update your Username by tapping "View Profile," select "Username," and you'll be prompted to edit your existing Username.
  3. Can I set a Username online and still use my Access Number to sign in for Mobile (and vice versa)?

    No. Once you set a Username, you'll use it to sign into both Mobile and Online Banking.

  4. Will members be required to set a Username?

    Members who joined on or after July 25, 2016 will be required to create a Username. Members who joined prior to July 25, 2016 have the option to create a Username to personalize their account.

  5. Where do I go to begin?

    To create a Username online:

    • Sign into Online Banking and click on "Settings" under your name at the top right of your screen.
    • Select "Profile" and click "Create A Username."
    • Once you create your Username, click "Save."

    To create a Username in the mobile app:

    • Sign into the mobile app and tap the menu bar in the top left.
    • Tap "View Profile" and select "Set Up Now" next to Username.
    • Once you create your Username, tap "Submit."
  6. What is the difference between a Username and Access Number?

    Navy Federal uses Access Numbers as a unique member identifier. You’re assigned an Access Number when you join Navy Federal. Previously, an Access Number was necessary to sign into Mobile and Online Banking. A custom Username allows you to create an easy-to-remember, convenient sign-in option. Both are secure ways to access your Mobile and Online accounts.

  7. What are the requirements for creating a Username?

    Your Username must be 6 to 32 characters in length and must contain at least one letter. Including your full Access Number is not allowed and use of your full email address is not recommended. Using special characters and numbers is encouraged; however, only four special characters are allowed (. _ @ -).

  8. Will I still need my Access Number?

    Yes. You’ll still need your Access Number to identity yourself for transactions in branch and on the phone. Your Access Number is always available to you through your mobile app or online.

    • Online: Click "Settings" under your name at the top right of the screen. Your Access Number will be under the Profile Tab.
    • Mobile: Tap "View Profile" and view Access Number on the main profile screen.
  9. Once I switch to a Username, can I switch back to an Access Number?

    No. Once you switch to a Username, you won’t be able to switch back to your Access Number for sign-in.

  10. What if I forget my Username?

    From the Online Banking sign-in screen, select "Forgot Username" under the Username field to reset your Mobile and Online account.