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Make Payments and Manage Your Auto Loan Easily

Your auto loan comes with convenient, easy-to-use tools available through mobile* and online banking, to help you successfully manage your loan and your finances.

  • Getting Started

    Learn how to access your auto loan details on our Mobile App. 

  • Making a Payment

    Never miss a payment by setting up automatic payments.

  • Setting up Notifications

    Stay on top of your accounts and track your spending.

Understanding Your Statement

  Access your monthly auto loan statement anytime by signing into your account. Your statement is a detailed update of your auto loan each month. You’ll see how much is due, how much progress you’ve made and more.  

  1. Member Service Contact Information 
    Have questions about your statement? No matter where you are, you have 24/7 access to one of our stateside member reps.
  2. Loan Overview 
    Find your loan number, interest rate and the remaining balance due on your loan, and any co-borrower or guarantor on your loan.
  3. Payment History
    Review the last payment received, date of the last payment processed, total late fees assessed over the life of the loan, interest paid this year and interest paid in the previous year. Payments made after this statement period will not be reflected here and will be included on your next statement.
  4. Current Payment Summary 
    See your current monthly payment amount and its due date, any past due amount and any late fees that may be included in your current total amount. You’ll receive your statement 15 to 30 days before the due date.
  5. Payment Voucher 
    To make a payment by mail with a check or money order, complete and remove this section along the perforation and include with your payment. A mailing envelope should be found along with your bill.



Enroll in Paperless Statements

Access your statements anytime and anywhere with our digital bank statements. Go Paperless

More Resources

Your first payment will be due between 30 and 60 days from when the loan is finalized. You’ll find your first due date on your Promissory Note—or loan contract.

You can access your monthly Consumer Loan Statements anytime by signing in to your account. Statements are available for up to 36 months and appear in PDF format, making it easy for you to print or save. You can also update your statement delivery preference so that you no longer receive paper statements. And, if you’ve signed up for automatic or recurring payments, you won't receive paper statements. You may reinstate paper statements at any time.

No. Loan payment due dates cannot be modified.

For account-specific inquiries, you can:

Each time a payment is received, we first satisfy the interest that has accrued since the date of the last payment and then apply the remainder of the funds to the principal balance. Therefore, if you pay more than the minimum amount due, the funds reduce the loan balance and are applied as a partial payment toward the next regular payment. 

  1. Sign in to digital banking
  2. Select Loans & Credit on your Accounts page.
  3. Select the Auto Loan link listed there.
  4. Choose the Additional Account Information drop-down.

There are a few ways you can pay off your auto loan.