Business Membership

Start Your Business Membership Today

To become a business member, all business owners must be individual members of Navy Federal and all accounts must be in good standing. Additionally, a $100 deposit is required at the time of opening.

What You'll Need

Before you call or visit a branch, you'll need the following documents to complete the Business Membership Application:

Sole Proprietorship


  • Business License
  • Federal Tax ID Number (TIN) Letter
  • Fictitious Name Certificate or Certificate of Assumed Name (if applicable)


(Applies to Limited Partnership (LP), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) and Professional Limited Liability Partnership (PLLP))


Single-Member Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Multi-Member Limited Liability Company


After you've completed the application and have your business documents ready, visit a local branch or call 1-877-418-1462 to submit the membership application. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8 am to 7 pm, ET. The process could take up to
an hour.

Download Application

Download the Beneficial Owner Form

1Listing ALL Applicable Owners/Partners. NOTE: For Incorporated or Unincorporated Associations or Non-Profit Organizations, all documentation requirements listed above remain the same based on entity type of the Association or Non-Profit Organization.