Want to be notified when your paycheck gets deposited, your balance is low or you spend over a certain limit? Customizable notifications allow you to tell us when you want to be notified and how. Learn how to set your notification preferences.

2-Step Verification—3X More Security

Navy Federal protects our members by requiring 2-Step Verification. Enter a security code or tap on a notification sent to your smart device to confirm your identity each time you sign in. Learn more about how 2-Step works.

Freeze and Unfreeze Your Card

If you’ve temporarily misplaced your credit or debit card, you can freeze the card while you look for it. Once you locate the card, you can unfreeze it in seconds and continue using it.

Zero Liability Policy

See an unfamiliar charge? Our Zero Liability policy ensures you won’t lose a cent due to confirmed unauthorized transactions, whether they’re made in a store, over the phone or online.

Paperless Statements

Enroll in online statements to reduce the risk of identity theft through mail fraud.


Use your voice to verify your identity whenever you call Navy Federal, making it easier to access your accounts and maintain your security. Learn more about VoiceID and how to enroll.