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Smart Money Habits Start Young
Start early to help build your child's financial future.

Creating budgets and making plans to achieve personal finance goals are common practices for many parents. However, some may overlook the opportunity to include their children in conversations about responsible spending and saving. It's never too early to get your child on the path toward a sound financial future.

Building Your Child's Financial Future

When it comes to helping children understand the value of money and the responsibilities that go with it, the earlier, the better. The future comes all too quickly! By introducing your child to financial matters early, you'll help them understand the concept of money and how it works. Here are some ideas to help build your child's financial future:


Set the Stage

As your children become interested in money, be it through allowance or a birthday check from grandma, start teaching them how to handle it wisely. Open a basic savings account for them and get them started saving.


Make Financial Goals

Set savings goals with your children and discuss the best ways to achieve them. Is there a new toy they're pining after? How long will it take to save up enough allowance to make the purchase?


Teach Smart Spending

As their savings grow, start instilling responsible consumer behavior in your children. Help them avoid impulse buying and demonstrate how to compare items based on price and quality.

Starting Young

Navy Federal has a suite of products available to our youngest members, with options that will grow along with them and their finances.

With money of their own, take your children to open their own accounts. Our Basic Savings and SaveFirst accounts are both great places to start. If your children earn an allowance, decide with them how much will be deposited into their account and how much they can spend.

For long-term savings, our Education Savings Account (ESA) offers tax-free savings when the funds are used for education expenses, and our EasyStart℠ Certificate is only $100 to start with a 12-month term. Both options allow you and your children to contribute toward future financial goals.

Help your students make the switch from paper to plastic responsibly with Visa® Buxx. Our reloadable prepaid card allows parents to set spending limits and manage account activity to reinforce the importance of smart spending.

When they hit high school or get ready to head off to college, a Campus Checking account is the next step to well-managed financial independence.
No minimum balance is required, and no monthly service fee applies. With a free Navy Federal Debit Card included with the account, cardholders can make purchases at millions of locations worldwide and have free access to cash at over thousands of ATMs.

As your children grow, there's bound to be a shift in their spending and saving habits. It's essential to continue the conversations about financial goals and responsible consumer behavior as they graduate from simple savings accounts to prepaid cards and checking accounts. Our online Account Access and Mobile Banking help accomplish that. Both you and your child can have free, fast and secure access to view balances, make deposits and transfers, set up text alerts and more.

No matter what route you decide to go, know that starting early is the best way to build responsible financial habits for your children.

Navy Federal Financial Group

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World-Class Products and Services for Your Children—No Matter What Age
9 and Under
10 to 13
Basic Savings

Your child's first step toward saving. Included with a Navy Federal membership; offers competitive rates and no monthly service charge.


With as little as $5, start saving now! Choose your maturity date:
three months to five years; dividends compounded daily.

EasyStart Certificate

Watch savings grow with only $100 to start for a 12-month term;
additional deposits can be made at any time.

Education Savings

A great choice to save, ESA earnings are tax-free if used for
education expenses.

Visa Buxx

With this reloadable prepaid card, set spending limits to help
manage money and teach financial responsibility.

Campus Checking

An ideal option for students between the ages of 14 and 24, this
account offers no minimum balance and no monthly service fee.

Navy Federal Debit Card

Free with Campus Checking; accepted at millions of locations worldwide.
Protected by Navy Federal's Zero Liability policy.

Online Account Access

Fast, secure and free; offering account access anywhere, anytime.

Mobile Banking

View balances, make deposit and more—all from a smartphone
or tablet.


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