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Get Your Mortgage Moving With HomeSquad

 Easily upload documents, view next steps, get guidance and more, all from your personalized loan hub.

Accessing HomeSquad

To access your HomeSquad dashboard, sign in to online banking then click More from the navigation bar and select HomeSquad application from the drop-down menu. If there's more than one borrower on your loan, you'll share the same loan hub. 

Please Note: HomeSquad works best in Chrome, but is also supported by Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Safari browsers.

Check Your Loan Status

You can see your loan application’s status under Your Loan Progress on your loan dashboard.

View Your Preapproval Letter

If you're buying a home, you can view your preapproval letter in HomeSquad. You'll find it on your loan dashboard or in the Documents section.

Viewing and Completing Tasks

  1. Go to your dashboard to see tasks that need your attention.
  2. Click on Complete items or click in the Task section in the top right of your screen.
  3. Once a task is completed, it will disappear from your Task section and appear in your Documents section with the same name.

Manage Your Documents

Viewing Documents

To view documents uploaded by you or your loan processor, go to the Documents section of your dashboard.

Uploading Documents

The Tasks section of HomeSquad alerts you of any documents that need uploading. To start an upload, simply select the corresponding task.

Acceptable file types for uploads are PDFs and images (PNG, JPG, JPEG, TIF or TIFF). Files must be under 70 MB. If you're having trouble uploading, make sure you have the appropriate file type or switch to a different browser.

If you upload multiple documents at the same time, they’ll merge into one PDF.

Signing Documents

During the application process, you’ll sign your documents in HomeSquad. Some documents may be signed electronically, while others must be signed with a pen (ink sign documents). Select the items in your Task List and follow the instructions.




If you see more than one HomeSquad application under Loans & Credit, select the one with the correct loan amount or last 4 digits of your loan number. If you're not sure, select one of the options for more detailed information, like the property address.

If you're in HomeSquad and need to switch to a different application, go to the top right corner and click the arrow to the right of your name. A drop-down menu will appear with an option to "Switch Application." Click to see your open applications and choose the one you wish to access.

If you have a joint application, you and your co-borrower can use the same HomeSquad loan hub. The primary borrower will receive an email to activate the HomeSquad loan hub.

No, only assigned documents can be uploaded. If you think you need to provide a document that isn't included in your HomeSquad Task list, reach out to your home loan advisor.

To ensure that your confidential information remains secure and private, please don't email documents to your loan officer or processor. Instead, return all documents through HomeSquad.

Certain items, like pay stubs, must be the most recent. That means the ones you originally submitted could become outdated during the application process, so you’ll need to submit more current ones.

Other examples of reasons why you may need to resubmit documents may include:

  • missing pages
  • missing signatures
  • document is pixelated and difficult to read
  • document can’t be downloaded by your home loan advisor

If you've submitted documents but are still receiving notifications to provide those documents, contact your loan advisor directly to confirm receipt.

If you feel a document isn't needed, contact your home loan advisor for futher explanation.

If you uploaded multiple documents at the same time, they merge into one single PDF rather than individual files. This may be why you're unable to see them.

You may be able to adjust the loan amount in your preapproval letter within HomeSquad. If you don't see this option in the Preapproval section, contact your home loan advisor for help.

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