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If you're an ROTC cadet or recruit in the Delayed Entry Program (DEP), enter code ROTCNFCU or DEPNFCU when you join online and we'll make your initial $5 membership deposit for you. We'll also expedite the delivery of your debit card.

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Navigating Life in the Military

From transitioning into and out of military life, to being deployed and living overseas, your life is unique. Here are some resources to help you out, no matter where you are.

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1Repayment may be deferred up to 3 months after graduation. The maximum loan amount after a 3-month period deferment would be $32,799. A loan of $32,799 for 60 months at 1.25% APR would have a monthly payment of $564.97.

2Repayment deferred until after graduation. Interest will accrue from the date the loan is disbursed, through the deferment period. Use of released Department of Defense imagery does not constitute product or organizational endorsement of any kind by the Department of Defense. Department of Defense photo.