Debit and Credit Card Security Features

Get to know the security features that protect your debit and credit cards from fraudulent spending.

By Navy Federal August 20, 2018

Although the security of your debit and credit cards may not always be top of mind when you reach for them, there are a number of security features that constantly work to protect your cards in a variety of situations. The following are a few instances when it helps to be aware of how card security is protecting you:

You Go on a Long-Distance Trip

If you’re about to travel abroad, alert your debit and credit card issuers of your plans and where you’ll be traveling, so when there’s a charge outside your normal stomping grounds, they’ll know it’s legitimate. Not notifying anyone could result in your purchases being blocked and your card put on hold to protect you from potential fraud. An additional benefit of alerting your card issuer of travel plans is that if any activity happens with your account at home while you’re away, the activity can be flagged as suspicious when it otherwise wouldn’t be. Navy Federal Credit Union members can set travel notifications at their convenience from the Navy Federal website or app,* or by calling 1-888-842-6328.

You Lose Your Card

Let’s say one day you notice your card is missing, but you aren’t sure where you misplaced it. If it’s at home, you’d hate to cancel it, but you also don’t want a stranger to find and start using it. So what do you do? Fortunately, most cards come with a freeze/unfreeze feature. Freezing a card temporarily locks it so no payments or purchases (other than recurring ones) can be made. All it takes is a quick click or tap to freeze your card. And, once you find your card, it’s easy to immediately undo the freeze. As a Navy Federal member, you can freeze and unfreeze debit and credit cards with the Navy Federal app.

You Pay With Debit or Credit Cards

How often do you check your transaction histories? It can be easy to go some time without viewing your card transactions, potentially letting fraudulent purchases pass by unnoticed. Catch signs of fraud instantly by signing up for instant transaction alerts. Texts and app notifications* can be instantly sent to your phone, alerting you of purchases above a specified dollar amount. This way you can spot suspicious activity the moment it happens. Navy Federal members can activate notifications in the app or online.

At Navy Federal, we make protecting our members’ accounts a top priority. We stay up to date on the latest security threats and technology updates to ensure your account is as protected as it can be. Learn more about the ways we protect you and arm yourself with the latest information on banking security by visiting our Security Center page.

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