You can’t beat ATMs for convenience and flexibility. Whether you need fast cash, have to make a late-night deposit or just want to check your balance, you can do that and more, sometimes without ever having to leave your car. And, if you’re traveling abroad, using an ATM will generally give you a better exchange rate than you could get at most currency exchange places. But sometimes all this convenience comes at a price.

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ATM Fees

Depending on the ATM you use, you could find yourself paying fees for your transactions. And, according to MoneyRates, ATM fees have risen nearly 12 percent since 2013. Use an out-of-network machine—you could end up paying a fee to both your bank and the ATM owner. In fact, fees for withdrawals alone are an fees from withdrawals alone average of $4.72. So that morning latte could cost you more than double.

Don’t Spend Money to Get Money

There are several ways you can skip the fees.

  1. Go in-network. The number-one way most people avoid the fees is to use an ATM in their bank or credit union’s network. In addition to branch ATMs, many financial institutions partner with ATM networks and provide a list of locations.
  2. Get cash at checkout. Dashing in for milk and bread? Many grocery stores or other retailers allow you to get cash back with no fee if you pay with a debit card.
  3. Get reimbursed. Some banks and credit unions will reimburse you for out-of-network ATM fees.
  4. Use your debit card. They’re safer than carrying around cash, with no minimum purchase amounts.
  5. Use your mobile app. Just checking your balance or want to make a transfer? If your bank or credit union has an app,* you’ll be able to take care of these and more—with no fee.
  6. Get more than you need. When you stop at the ATM, get more cash than you need and put some aside so you don’t have to make a second or third transaction.

With Navy Federal, You’ve Got Options

Navy Federal Credit Union makes it easy to avoid ATM fees with accounts that offer ATM fee rebates, like our Free eChecking and Free Active Duty Checking® accounts. Plus, you can use our handy list to find Navy Federal ATMs. No Navy Federal machine near you? No problem. We have a network of thousands of locations, covering all 50 states and 10 countries. You can find a nearby location quickly by signing in to our mobile app, tapping More on the bottom menu and then choosing Locations at the top of the next screen.

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