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When you apply for a mortgage or home equity loan, you're assigned a Navy Federal home loan advisor. Check this list to ensure your advisor is a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator.

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Registered Mortgage Loan Originator License Number
Yablonski, Kim 1930014
Yamaguchi, Anne 2389104
Yamane, Lillian Marie 1313482
Yang, Maly 2379136
Yates, Matthew 709012
Yates, Staci Mcbride 643525
Yim, Ondria Deanna 1820646
Young, Kim 1976971
Young, Kira 1976966
Young, Louise 2278308
Young, Mckenzie Rae 1956360
Young, Quentara Lashay 2283609
Young, Sarah Hope 1733179
Young, Shelley 2032433
Young, Taquanna 2438118
Young, Vanessa Kierra Evonne 1656600
Youngblood, Jennifer Jill 1084401
Yowell, Shannon Marie 2358008